Der Kulturförderpunkt | Culture funding point

Who we are and what we do:

Culture Funding Point is Berlin’s first point of contact for Berlin’s cultural workers, artists, project initiators, associations and players from the independent scene who are looking for information regarding the topic of cultural funding and promotion. We offer free-of-charge consultations that provide basic orientation for project funding.

Our service addresses all cultural workers wanting to realise a project in Berlin – regardless of project size or ownership. Our website offers a large overview of advice on how to apply for funding as well as an extensive database with information on possible foundations and programmes as well as a glossary and an FAQ section. We also organise regular events, expert talks, workshops and networking evenings. All events are free of charge.

Appointments should be booked in advance using beratung(at)

Contact for inquiries and appointments:

Tobias Losekandt | consultation
Phone: +49-30-247 49 772
Email: t.losekandt(at)

Melina Gerstemann | consultation
Phone: +49-30-247 49 771
Email: m.gerstemann(at)

Sarah Langnese | events & PR
Phone:+49-30-247 49 778
Email: s.langnese(at)

Intern and appointments
Phone: +49-30-247 49 773
Email: kulturfoerderpunkt(at)



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